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Stupidly Simple SEO --review of a system that claims you can rank your site In 1/2 hour Stupidly Simple SEO System: All about targeted traffic massive targeted traffic the Stupidly Simple SEO way The stupidly simple SEO system - A peek behind the cur

If you are involved in internet marketing, you almost certainly want to learn effective SEO techniques. Everyone wants high search engine ranking, which is why so many courses teach you how to do this. The trouble is, you can study all these courses and still not really know how to achieve this. First of all, they're completely vague in their approach when explaining the whole process to you. Another thing they never give you is any kind of evidence that their strategies have ever produced real results. What they leave you with is a lot of dubious information that you have to put together on your own and hope it works. There is at least one alternative out there that is an exception to this: a new system by Phil Henderson, launching March 25, 2010, called Stupidly Simple SEO. With this new course, you can finally stop stumbling in the dark when it comes to SEO and learn how to rank high in the search engines once and for all. This course gives you a proven method that can get your niche sites ranked in as little as 30 minutes, a few hours at most! These incredible results have been achieved with Phil's new course. In this review we will look at how this course differs from so many others; you can then decide for yourself if it's something that might help you. There are untold SEO products online all claiming to bring you targeted traffic to your site. Yet most affiliate marketers still cannot rank well for their market keywords. Why is that? They don't provide you with 'how to do it,' they only talk about it in some abstract way. They're long on fundamentals but short on the info that you really need. That is precisely why so many affiliate marketers feel confused when it comes to landing the top 10 rankings in search engines. Well, you can stop worrying about it if that described your situation.

Top affiliate marketer Phil Henderson is coming out with a highly informative product called Stupidly Simple SEO which teaches you strategies that can help you get ranked in the search engines in 30 minutes or less! Talk about ridiculously fast results. Phil takes brand new pages/sites and gets them into the top ten results in less than 30 minutes. If you're thinking that the tactics he shows will be complicated in nature, think again. Phil's tactics are dead-on simple to do. Really. In this review we'll check out all it can do for you and your business. Affiliate marketer Phil Henderson is launching his new Stupidly Simple SEO. Using Phil's methods, average marketers will have a real chance to break the top ten search engine results for their low page mini-sites. You'll be shown how to get a first page presence, even if you don't have many backlinks or site content. His amazing strategies can land you into the top three positions. Just imagine if you could create a minisite and have it in the top 10 in less than a single hour. He has used these strategies on his own sites and has had tremendous results in terms of traffic. Phil specifically wanted to allow anyone to get on the first page of the SERPS in very short time. Rest easy - nothing special needed with skills or things of that nature. Next we'll go into how you'll do this for your own businesses. If you've been doing internet marketing for any length of time, you know what search engine marketing means for those who want high rankings in the engines. Search engine traffic is responsible for the incomes of many affiliate marketers.

The biggest benefit of getting visitors from the search engines is that they are targeted and don't cost you any money. But this amazing source of traffic is getting highly competitive with time. What's more, it definitely is getting harder for average online marketers because so many new websites and blogs are vying for the coveted top positions.

The easier keyword phrases, 'long tail keywords', have become a greater challenge to successfully optimize. So affiliate marketer Phil Henderson decided to do something about it. He developed a product designed for the struggling search engine marketer. The goal is to help these people succeed in the search engines. Stupidly Simple SEO is the product we're talking about here, which was created by Phil to address this growing problem amongst affiliates on how to rank their small niche websites. He will show how you can get high rankings for your sites within a matter of hours. You can have the same results, but you will need to take action on the information and use it.

We'll continue to discuss the Stupidly Simple SEO System and how your rankings will benefit. SEO is a critical component of any serious online marketing campaign: If you're not ranking in Google - your site is invisible. However the competition is not getting any easier, and it is harder to achieve high rankings in the search engines. This is very serious business because Google traffic provides the incomes for very many affiliate marketers. Phil Henderson, an affiliate marketer, designed an answer to this problem, and it's called The Stupidly Simple SEO System. The KISS concept, ever hear of it? Right, Keep It Simple Stupid. And it is KISS that Phil put into his SEO system. His particular system will be released in March, 2010. In his system, Phil will show you exactly how to get top ranks in Google within hours for a new website. Your profit potential will be stable because Phil's system is immune to overuse and saturation. Now, let's discuss the unique aspects of this course and how it will help you achieve the rankings you want.}

It's timely and of interest to note that search engine optimization is becoming harder all the time. He has created a step by step, paint by numbers process that even a six year could follow and get amazing results. The fact that he has no problems releasing this system is sure to change the face of SEO. It's clear that Phil wants to help marketers get more targeted traffic and help all those who have been having such a struggle with online marketing. The reason this whole course stands out is because of its effectiveness. It's amazing to think you can create a brand new site and have it appear in Google's top ten several hours later. This kind of information is so important to struggling affiliate marketers still trying to crack the SEO game. So many marketers face this exact problem, and Phil's system will certainly change things for them. Aside from this, another great quality is that it's a totally white hat system. There are still SEO techniques that are blackhat in nature, but their effectiveness does not last forever. But the methods you learn in Stupidly Simple SEO are ethical and don't even border grey hat. And with that you'll have no worries about getting banned or losing your rankings. Smaller scale marketers still want to get their sites in the top 5, or better. So Phil made Stupidly Simple SEO for people like that who don't want to do battle with the bigger marketers. Phil's system is taken from his own affiliate marketing experiences with successfully achieving high first page rankings for his small websites. You'll discover his methods are are not tough to get or hard to put into action. You will not come across many courses with an easy, straightforward method; unfortunately most SEO courses are full of hype. Mr. Henderson's SEO methods deliver the SEO goods. You will learn how to achieve excellent rankings using freely available sites - you won't need your own. So forget the domain costs and web hosting costs if you don't want to deal with it. Phil designed Stupidly Simple SEO after a process that included a lot of trial and error. Phils SEO system includes the very same approaches and tactics he has used for his own websites' top rankings. Phil's approach to SEO is very simple and not hard to do, no matter at all if you're a beginner at marketing or SEO. His course is for beginners and advanced marketers, too. What's more, these strategies work even with third party websites such as the popular Web 2.0 properties to help you rank. If you're new to IM and on a budget, there will be no need to buy domain names or hosting. It works very well with the market because it was in response to market demand. And there will be no concerns about being banned from Google, Phil made sure of that. The reason is because there are "no" black hat methods involved, it's all white hat. Stupidly Simple SEO gives the search engines what they want from marketers, plus the methods are ethical. It's a system that requires little effort, and you'll develop Amazon affiliate mini sites and get them ranked highly.

Phil Henderson is the kind of teacher whose methods are easy to understand. He's not your regular affiliate marketer who just gives you the basics and keeps the real meat to himself. If you want to really dominate the search engines, Phil's system is the kind of complete solution you've been looking for. Phil is sincere and honest about marketing and business. He only wants to impart his knowledge about fast ranking methods and help struggling affiliates. He is a very straightforward marketer who works from the comfort of his home, where he lives with his family in Scotland. Phil has had his share of trials since losing his job due to the economy. But he started working online full time and does not look back. Phil has seen his failures. But he did eventually realize how to get insanely quick results in the search engine rankings. No one has witnessed a system like this in online marketing. You won't be taken through a maze of useless information. Phil only wanted it to contain actioanble info and steps that you can start doing right way. It's comforting to know that his system is based on his own experiences which gives it credibility. Phil has done it on his own, creating and building his affiliate empire. Nothing was handed to Phil, he learned, applied methods, and did it by himself. In this system, Phil teaches all he has done and learned to get his own affiliate sites ranked highly. Phil is straight to the point by giving you only what is needed to succeed. His system was purposely created to be Stupidly Simple! You'll appreciate his approach and course to be with no hype. He's a smart guy and marketer, 45 years in age, and hails from Scotland. Phil has avoided the online marketing guru persona. In fact he started off in a very small way during the times of recession when he lost his day job. He worked full-time, in time he was able to achieve his high rankings in Google very fast. Stupidly Simple SEO gives you an easy to follow plan to get new webistes ranking high on Google. This course will be of special interest to anyone whose goal is to create profitable affiliate mini sites that will rank well in the search engines.

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