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Stupidly simple SEO review --Learn how this easy system can get your site ranked in 30 minutes flat Stupidly Simple SEO - All you need to know Capture page one Search Engine Traffic - Stupidly Simple SEO Phil Henderson's stupidly simple SEO system re

All internet marketers want to find a great SEO formula. There are many courses out there that can help you understand the dynamics of ranking high in the search engines. Unfortunately, none of these courses really give you the exact formula for accomplishing this. When it comes to telling you exactly what you have to do, they fall short. These courses also don't show you proof that their techniques get results that can be documented. All of this theory is great, but then you have to teach yourself how to actually put it into practice. There is at least one alternative out there that is an exception to this: a new system by Phil Henderson, launching March 25, 2010, called Stupidly Simple SEO. If you're looking for a real guide to learn how to rank highly in the search engines, this new course is for you. With this system, that has been proven to produce real results, your niche sites, even new ones, can rank in a matter of hours; in some cases you can be in the #1 position in a mere 30 minutes! Phil's system is really that effective. What exactly makes this course different from all the others that promise similar results? The number of SEO products and courses for high rankings is unknown - there are so many. But why is it that so many affiliate marketers still don't know how to dominate the search engines for their chosen keywords? Most of those SEO courses don't show "how," they only tell you what needs to be done. They give you the basics and want you to figure out the advanced stuff on your own. And that is exactly why so many online marketers are confused about getting top rankings. If you're an affiliate marketer who falls into this category, then you no longer need to worry.

Top affiliate marketer Phil Henderson is coming out with a highly informative product called Stupidly Simple SEO which teaches you strategies that can help you get ranked in the search engines in 30 minutes or less! Phil has been using these methods himself to get his brand new websites grab top Search Engine positions fast, really fast. And if you're thinking it's all rocket science - no, it is not. His strategies are super-simple to put into place with no special skills required. So now let's look at this system and why it may be of benefit to your business. A new course, created by affiliate marketer Phil Henderson, is launching - Stupidly Simple SEO. Phil shows how you can get your single page minisite into the top ten search results. You'll be shown how to get a first page presence, even if you don't have many backlinks or site content. What's more - you'll be able to claim a number three search results position. Just imagine if you could create a minisite and have it in the top 10 in less than a single hour. Phil has done this with his very own sites, and the results have been overwhelming. It was designed that way, to get just about anyone very high rank, very quickly. And you won't need anything special in the way of skills to do this. This article will look at how to do this for your own money sites. Anyone who has been involved with online marketing knows what SEO (search engine optimization) means for high rankings. A significant number of affiliate marketing campaigns are directly tied to traffic from search engines.

The main benefit of this type of traffic is it's very targeted and free. However this particular traffic is becoming more and more difficult to tap into. Regular marketers are having a more difficult time trying to get to the top due to ever-growing numbers of new marketers.

For so long, all the marketing experts have preached to optimize for longtail keyword phrases. But now even those have become more competitive. So affiliate marketer Phil Henderson decided to do something about it. He developed a product designed for the struggling search engine marketer. The goal is to help these people succeed in the search engines. This creation is Stupidly Simple SEO. Phil created it to help affiliates with their niche sites so they can get them ranked higher. In his course, Phil gives away all the strategies that have helped him rank high in Google in a matter of a few hours - that fast. It doesn't matter how many marketers try out Phil's methods, they will give the same positive results to everyone who takes action.

In the rest of this article, we'll discuss how you can directly benefit from Stupidly Simple SEO. All real online marketers "do" SEO because they know if they're not ranking, they're not making money. But the net's been around, now, and it's only getting tougher by the day to rank well in the SERPS. This is very serious business because Google traffic provides the incomes for very many affiliate marketers. Phil Henderson, an affiliate marketer, designed an answer to this problem, and it's called The Stupidly Simple SEO System. Are you familiar with KISS? You got it, Keep It Simple Stupid. Yes, Phil Henderson designed his system with KISS in mind. His system launches in March of 2010. His SEO system shows you the same steps he uses to get very high Google ranking in several hours for brand new sites. This system and his methods will not become saturated with overuse, so you'll be able to benefit from that and use it as much as you want. Next we'll look at what sets this course apart, and how it will help your SEO/affiliate marketing.}

If you are an affiliate marketer and want to learn successful search engine strategies to help with your business, then Phil Henderson's Stupidly Simple SEO is perfect for you. Many marketers struggle with finding the right products to sell, ones that are really in demand; this course tells you exactly how to find these products. If you want targeted traffic, you also have to pinpoint the right keywords, another thing you will learn in this course.

Don't be concerned about having to know HTML or programming; you won't need this to set up profitable niche min-sites with this system. You can profit with this system even if you don't have a website of your own or your own domains; it can all be done on free sites if you prefer.

Once you have the research done and the sites set up, the system then gives you a clear blueprint on how to get these one-page sites on the front page of Google in just a few hours. This is a way to not only get on the first page, but to get a high ranking that you can keep for a long time. The tactics you will be learning here are not only well tested and proven, but unquestionably ethical. If you use blackhat or questionable methods, you may succeed short term, but you can get banned; with this system, you'll be getting honest tactics that you can profit from long term.

Phil Henderson is a teacher with a gift for presenting high level information in a straightforward manner. He doesn't withhold anything from you, either, but gives you a whole system to use. If you want to really dominate the search engines, Phil's system is the kind of complete solution you've been looking for. Phil is upfront and honest, and he only wants to teach his fast ranking SEO methods. Phil is a straight ahead kind of guy. He works from home where he resides with his family in Scotland. Phil has had his share of trials since losing his job due to the economy. But he started working online full time and does not look back. He's had many failures, but he did find a way to get very quick ranking results with Google. His unique system is entirely new in search marketing. It isn't painful because there's no unnecessary content to wade through. All the content is pure platinum, after you get one site ranked well, then it's rinse and repeat. Phil Henderson is an affiliate marketer, so he knows and understand the needs of affiliate marketers. Phil worked and created his own network of affiliate businesses. Nothing was handed to Phil, he learned, applied methods, and did it by himself. Everything he teaches in Stupidly Simple SEO is from his real world experience with ranking his own sites. Phil is straight to the point by giving you only what is needed to succeed. You'll find Phil's presentation and course to be really stupidly simple. You'll appreciate his approach and course to be with no hype. Phil comes from Scotland who is 45 yrs old and a very smart marketer. He's never wanted to be an IM guru. During times of recession, Phil became unemployed, so his humble start in marketing was nothing big. Eventually he became successful with ranking his sites in Google very quickly.

In conclusion, if you want to learn affiliate marketing the real way, by using Search Engine traffic, then Stupidly Simple SEO is for you. You've got nothing to lose with it, but only to gain.

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